Hyderabad guide map book containing 149 pages covering the entire area of the Hyderabad and surrounding areas

HELP AT HAND The book simplifies your search

Priced at Rs. 295, the book is available in most bookshops.

Indian Resources Information & Management Technologies Ltd. (IN-RIMT), Hyderabad launched a Guide Map of Greater Hyderabad - a large scale city guide map introduced on international standards using state-of-the-art, Satillite Remote sensing and GIS technology. The city guide map contain 64 layers of information with details like Roads, Highways, Hospitals, Hotels, prominent names of colonies etc.

"We have used Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellite data to map out the latest spatial details such as buildings, roads and such other features. Besides, we conducted ground surveys extensively to pick up names of all such features and integrated them in to Geographical Information System (GIS). This information/map could be used for integrating in to a navigation system such as cars, trucks, ambulances etc. with the positional accuracy being available,"

- Managing Director, IN-RIMT.


This Hyderabad City Map caters to a variety of clientele like planners, engineers, administrators, industrialists, tourists and educational institutions, marketing & sales companies, bankers, Housing and retail financial institutions, retailing companies, logistics companies etc.

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